Applications in Harwich

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Date Entered Proposal Address Status Source
T1,T3,T4,T5,T7: Beech trees - 20% reduction, cut back to previous points and a 10% crown thin.T2: Oak - 30% reduction to balance out tree.T6: Beech tree - Fell
11 Larksfield Crescent, Harwich, Essex, co124bl Decided
Installation of new wooden pole (for re-routed telephone lines) 8m west of the present wooden pole position, opposite no 17 Harbour Crescent and recovery of original wooden pole opposite no 17 Harbour Crescent.
Land Site of Former Bernard Uniforms Factory Harbour Crescent Harwich Essex Deemed Consent
Discharge of Condition 03 (Cycle storage, car parking, storage of refuse bins) of Planning Permission 08/01485/FUL allowed at appeal under APP/P1560/A/09/2104770.
Parkeston House Adelaide Street Parkeston Essex CO12 4PJ Pending Consideration
Erection of a two-storey side and rear extension
The Swan, Clacton Road, Stones Green, Gt Oakley, Essex, CO12 5BX Decided
Non Material amendment to planning application 13/00236/FUL to change opening in rear elevation of garden room.
34 Gordon Road Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 3TN Approval - Non Material Change
T63 - Lawson's Cypress - Fell
Ardleigh Cemetery Harwich Road Ardleigh Essex CO7 7LA Approval - Full
Installation of high speed broadband cabinet.
Opposite Chevy Chase Church Hill Ramsey Essex CO12 5EX Deemed Consent
Demolition of garage and conservatory, construction of extension to rear and new garage, and new dormers to side elevations to replace existing.
22 The Drive Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 3SU Approval - Full
The provision of a chiller unit to store fresh fish in trinity pier.
Trinity Pier The Quay Harwich Essex CO12 3JW Approval - Full
Demolition of existing bungalow and attached garages. Erection of two detached dwellings with parking spaces and new vehicular accesses (variation to previously approved application 13/01249/FUL).
Noyna The Street Ramsey Harwich Essex CO12 5HW Approval - Full
Proposed sub division of first floor accommodation into 2 apartments and conversion of part ground floor into 1 apartment for disabled persons with proposed 2 storey extension for 2 apartments. All as approval 12/000436/FUL (4 extra dwelling units).
1 Ramsey Road Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 4RJ Approval - Full
Replace all windows, doors and rainwater goods. Replacing all existing AIB cladding including replacing existing soffits and fascias and the installation of a new AC Unit.
Don Thompson House Low Road Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 3TS Approval - Full
Demolish 1 x shed. Repair x 1 shed. Remove corrugated iron roof and replace with 1" boarding and clay tiles. Insert a concrete barrier 12"x24" around the shed.
Millbank Oakley Road Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 5DR Pending Consideration
Replacement sun room following demolition of existing conservatory.
Primrose Hall Primrose Lane Ramsey Harwich Essex CO12 5NB Refusal - Full
Replacement sun room following demolition of existing conservatory.
Primrose Hall Primrose Lane Ramsey Harwich Essex CO12 5NB Refusal - Listed Building Consent
Erection of single storey, gable end roof, rear extension, 5m in depth with an overall height of 3.95m.
47 Gordon Road Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 3TN HHPN - Prior Approval Not Required
Harwich Haven Authority (HHA) is seeking to identify a new disposal site for its maintenance dredging material which is closer to shore than the existing disposal site at the Inner Gibbard, located off the Harwich coast.
Harwich Haven Outer Channel The Quay Harwich Essex Deemed Consent
Retrospective change of use from agricultural land to equestrian land with the formation of a manege area.
Vicarage Farm 712 Main Road Harwich Essex CO12 4LT Approval - Full
Installation of kitchen, reinstatement of hallway by reinstating wall, repair of staircase, proposed decorative features and alterations to layout.
11 Eastgate Street Harwich Essex CO12 3EZ Approval - Listed Building Consent
Discharge of conditions 04 (materials), 08 (screen walls and fencing) and 11 (site investigation) of planning application 13/00394/FUL.
28 Manor Lane Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 4EA Split - Discharge of Condition
Proposed hip to gable conversion with rear dormer.
52 Ramsey Road Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 4RZ Lawful Use Certificate Refused